Orangatang The Keanu Skateboard Wheel

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If you feel like laying slides out Matrix style, grab a set of the Orangatang Keanus!
The 66mm Keanu longboard skateboard freeride wheel features a stone ground finish that will get you sideways whenever you need to dodge a bullet or just feel like hanging one out.
With a larger core and contact patch than the Fat Free, the Keanu accelerates faster and is a tad grippier.
The center set core also allows you to rotate your wheels after a day of hard riding and sliding, making your wheels last longer and letting you skate harder than ever. Great for top mount boards that need a little more wheel clearance, the 66mm Keanu will not let you down.

Pick up whichever flavor peaks your interest.
The orange (80a) will wear the fastest, but leave you with satisfying buttery slides.
The purple (83a) will give you the best of both worlds of sliding and decent wear.
The yellow (86a) will provide you with long slides and nice wear patterns.

66 mm diameter | 46.5 mm width | 38 mm contact | 139 g/wheel | centerset bearing seat

With a diminutive presence and quick, bullet-time reflexes, The Keanu is a skilled and adaptable master of all terrains. Adept at slashing the asphalt point break as well as keeping up the speed for technical freeriding. Choose the red core. Whoa

Set of 4 wheels.